(Note: The following links and sites are from other hosters, so their contents are NOT under my control.)

Here you will find different links to sites related with FinFin:

Fin Fin auf Teo und der fehlerhafte Smart Sensor
(Fin Fin on Teo and the imperfect Smart Sensor)
Doesn't your Smart Sensor working? At this german site you can get help (3-Worlds-Version under Win95/98 only)

Das FinFin-Archiv
(The FinFin-Archive)
A german site with many PDF-Files of old newspaper articles and some FinFin-Manuals. You can also download various software (e.g.: FinFin V9.0 [6 locations, Chinese], FinFin Animated Storybook [English])

FinFin Corner
A japanese FinFin-Site with many pictures

Other Links:

Caverns of Hope
Here is an english Site about Ecco the dolphin. You will find here infomations, pictures, cheats and solutions to all Ecco games for the Mega Drive (Genesis) and Dreamcast konsoles. And many more. For Ecco-Fans a must to see

Nadines Homepage
A Homepage where you can see many normal and animated pictures (among others few little FinFin animations)

Dresha's Place
Private Homepage from Dresha, the site features fanarts and storys