Here you can download a japanese animationfilm (anime), where FinFin is an actor.
The filesize of this film is approxemately 57,8 MB. So Ive packed it with WinRar (34 MB).
You only need to download and execute the EXE-file. The film then will extracted to a chosen folder (WinRar is not requisitely, because the file will extract itself).
If you wants to see some pictures before, just do that here: page1 page2

Resolution kb/Sec Time Size Rar-Size
160x120 98 ca. 10 Min. 57,8mb 34,0mb


And here the english translation of the anime. Thanks a lot to "Dresha", because she found an interpreter. And thanks a lot to this interpreter.

Saisho to Amidas Get me Marika and bring her absolutly to me.
Amidas that is your task.
Mother to Marika Marika, so you will go away?
Marika to Mother I will never be able to love Saisho.
Mother to Marika It seems that he has changed lately.
Marika to Mother Dear Mother, why does my dear father try to marry me with Saisho?
My dear father seems to have been changed completly. Now he only does what Saisho wants.

I'm sorry.
I won't leave this place only because i don't like to be married with Saisho.

Mother to Marika What?
Marika to Mother Only for this reason,  I won't go away from here.
I have a fealing. A fealing that something horrible will happen.
I don't know yet what, but all will be drawn in, if I will stay here. So I have to go.
That don't mean that I flee, but I go, in order to experience the truth.

Thanks dear mother.

someone to Saisho Saisho, I can see the Ketatsuku-Forest.
Master Please stop this! That tickles. Hahaha
Soldiers Now we have a second booty.
The skin seams to be hard.
My arrow will go through steel.
Master / Keipu Outch...
Keipu shout Uahh... that have to be Torazero!


Papiro to Marika Marika-sama wake up!
Marika to Master Master, what was that now?
Master to Marika I don't know, what that was... Ahh! My Name have to be Pito, not Master!
Papiro Did it (Master) get broken? You are nevertheless master, the robot, which accompanies Marika-sama.
Master to Papiro A robot!? I'm a human.
Keipu to all A human don't make such noises as "skrich skrich", do he?
Peipi No, nether.
Master What has happend to me?
Why am i a robot now...?

I know... In know it know!
I am here at Teo, to protect Marika and so I turnt into master.
Also Papiro, Peipi and Keipu, we all did us together, in order to protect Marika.

(Song) Teo, a wonderfull planet, another earth

It is a far away world, Whom you can meet sometime,
Lovestorys begin beyond the universe again.

Teo, a mysterious planet in the dreams, far away in the distance.
Teo, a wonderfull planet, another earth.
Teo, a sayful planet, lives in your heart
Teo, a hopefull planet, another earth.